Mowing FAQs

Get answers to your mowing questions.

Mowing Questions

  1. What is the most important thing I can do to my lawn to get the most benefit from your service?
    Maintain proper mowing height of the grass. As the weather gets warmer, the mowing height should increase up to 4” in height. Mowing your lawn lower than the recommended height can promote crabgrass, unwanted weeds, and drought stress.


  2. What is a good height for my lawn and how do I measure it?
    Mowing height should not be less than 3 inches at the beginning and the end of the mowing season. As the weather gets warmer raise the mowing height up to 4 inches. The higher height will help shade the ground and keep crab grass and unwanted weeds from germinating.


  3. How do I measure the height of my grass?
    With the mower deck down in the cutting position and the ENGINE NOT RUNNING, measure the height from the ground to the bottom of the cutting blade and subtract ½ inch. The ½ inch is the distance from the ground to the crown of the grass plant which is where the measurement should be taken from. You should be at 3 ½ inches. Example: From the ground to the bottom of the cutting blade measures 3 ½ inches and when you subtract ½ inch you get 3 inches. You would need to raise the mower deck ½ inch.