Grub Control FAQs

Find answers to your grub control questions and our merit applications.

Grub Control Questions

  1. What is the Merit application for?
    Merit is a product that is used to prevent grubs from destroying your lawn, and is applied in midsummer. Merit is a systemic insecticide which is absorbed by the plants root system. As grubs hatch and start eating the root system, it eliminates them.


  2. What is the difference between a merit grub control and an insecticide application for grubs?
    As mentioned above, the merit grub control is a systemic preventive application applied before the eggs hatch. It is about 95% effective in controlling the grub population and carries a turf damage guarantee. The insecticide application eliminates grubs by contact of the product after the eggs have hatched. Unfortunately damage to the turf has usually already occurred when identifying the need for the application. The insecticide application is only about 50% effective in controlling the grub population.


  3. If I have moles, does that mean I have grubs?
    Not necessarily. Moles do eat grubs, but as much as 80% of a moles diet is earthworms. Treating your lawn for grubs will not get rid of your mole problem.