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Top 5 Fall Lawn Care Tips

Fall is right around the corner and we have a few more tips for your seasonal lawn care! Since lawn maintenance is pretty light in the winter, this post will be the conclusion of our lawn care series (you can bookmark our spring and summer tips for next year if you missed them). 

The goal for your fall lawn care activities is to prepare your grass for the winter months.  The more care you put into your lawn now, the healthier it will be next spring - and that means less work for you! Here are the top five things you can do for your lawn this fall:

1. Continue to mow your lawn. Ideally, you'll want to mow your lawn until the first snowfall. At that point, the grass roots will start to become dormant and the blades will slow and eventually stop growing. As the season progresses, decrease the height of your lawn to about 2" in preparation for winter. The rediced height will prevent debris from getting caught in the grass through the winter months.

2. Do early and late fall fertilization treatments. In the fall, the roots of your grass will continue to grow. You can apply special fertilization treatments formulated for this time of year that will encourage growth. The first treatment, which should be applied between now and mid-October, will nourish the top half of the plant (the blades). The final treatment, which should should be applied in mid-October, will give your grass roots the nutrients they need to continue growing and last through the winter.  

3. Aerate your lawn. While many people choose to aerate their lawn in the spring, it's best to do it in the fall. In the springtime, many plants are seeding and can easily take root in the newly aerated turf. In the fall, there is less of this activity and grass root systems are growing, so the likelihood of unwanted weeds taking root is lessened. 

4. Reseed any bare patches. Take advantage of the increased root growth during the fall by adding new seed to your lawn. If you also decide to aerate your lawn as discussed in tip #3, do that before you add new seeds to allow them room for growth. 

5. Rake up any leaves before the first snow. Make sure you clean up any leaves or debris in your yard before winter to prevent snow mold and other lawn diseases.  You get bonus points for using the leaves for mulch on your trees and shrubs. 

If you have any other lawn care tips for the fall, let us know in the comments! As always, if you need help with your fall lawn care, feel free to contact us