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Are You Watering Your Lawn After 4PM? Stop.

Dollar Spot Fungus

Many people would look at the lawn to the right and think that the recent heat wave has started to dry out the lawn. So they water it. But the brown patches on their lawn seem to get worse with each watering. That's because these patches are not signs of a parched lawn at all - they are a lawn fungus. 

Actually, it could be one of several different fungi common to Michigan lawns, such as dollar spot, red thread, or summer patch. They all look slightly different, but are made worse by damp lawns, especially when combined with warmer nights (above 65 degrees). So, a misdiagnosis could multiply the problem if you increase your nightly watering. 

The best watering schedule for your lawn is to give your lawn a combined 1.5" of water per week, between rainwater and your own mid-morning watering. If you water too late in the day, it will not have enough time to absorb and will sit on top of your lawn, encouraging fungus growth. So, if you haven't already, change your sprinklers to start before 11 AM.

If you think you have one of these fungi, note that the patches are only cosmetic. Your lawn can easily rebound once treated with a lawn fungicide (and not watering too late in the day). You'll generally be able to purchase a treatment from a local store and clear it up within several treatments. For quicker results, you can contact us to diagnose and treat your lawn.