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Signs You Need Help with Your Lawn

Signs Your Lawn Needs Better Care

With all of the maintenance required for a healthy lawn, you expect it to look great.  But when things get busy, it's easy to push off some of your lawn care duties or to miss an application or two. A couple weeks later, you start noticing the effects of skipping those treatments. Or, maybe you tried to fix one problem only to see another one crop up.

To help you know when to seek outside help, we've put together a list of signs that your lawn needs better care:

  • Brown spots. This could be damage from a variety of sources, such as mole activity, over-fertilization, sun damage, and more.
  • Weeds. If your lawn still has weeds, it's time to step up the level of care. Weeds are most prevalent in the springtime and should not reappear in the summer, unless your lawn is under stress or they weren't fully controlled in the spring.
  • Dry grass. This is a sign that your lawn needs more water. In periods of little rain, be sure to increase the amount of water you give your lawn.
  • Yellowing grass. This could be caused by insufficient watering, low nutrients in the soil, or several other causes.

So, what does better care mean? It means taking the time to educate yourself on key timings for lawn applications and summer lawn care tips and tricks if you want to DIY your lawn care and get great results. Or, it might mean that you hire a pro to  manage your lawn care for you.

What are your thoughts on managing your lawn care? Are you seeing any of the signs listed above? Let us know in the comments!