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Introducing Our Newest Service - Lawn Painting

Paint Your Lawn

If you've ever had a dry or damaged lawn, you know it can be an eyesore. From over-fertilized burnt patches to snow mold, there are a variety of reasons why your lawn might not be up to your standards.

Maybe you had planned to have company over and don't have time to wait for your lawn to green up. That's why we're introducing a new service - Lawn Painting. 

We've developed a patent-pending lawn paint formula that's semi-permanent, breathable, and non-toxic. In addition, it acts as a slow-release fertilizer to help nurse your lawn back to life. Our unique polynitrogen blend is the key to giving your lawn the green hue you want and the nutrients your grass needs. 

Simply give us a call the week of your big event and schedule a time for us to apply the treatment. The paint takes around 2 hours to fully dry, so keep that in mind when booking the treatment.  

We look forward to helping you green up your lawn, one way or another, this spring!


Oh, and in case you forgot what days it is..........Happy April Fool's Day!