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Feature Lawn Friday

While the season is changing and leaves are starting to turn, it's the perfect time to reflect on the summer and to plan ahead for next year's lawn care.  As we look back on all the feature lawns this year, each of them were unique and special in their own right.  For a reminder of all of the feature lawns this year, check out the gallery below.  

This week, we're presenting our final feature lawn of the year, and it's our favorite of the bunch.

It was featured on June 3rd of this year and is from the Ann Arbor area. It's our favorite because it has a bit of everything. The grass is perfectly green and mowed well, and the shrubs are well-maintained. Nothing is out of place and it looks great.

Congratulations to this year's feature lawn!

If you want your lawn to look like this next year, let us know and we'll give you information about our early sign-up program.

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